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Songwriting Fundamentals is the popular book written by Dave Byers, the founder of www.writingsongs.com and www.christiansongwriting.org Writing songs is more enjoyable when you understand the principals used in many top songs from various genres. This book will cover those fundamentals inside out like no other book on the market. Click here for more details and ordering information.
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Vassar Delivers
Up a creek
Writing for new CD

Songwriting basics
Writing melodies
Stay out of the corner
Using Real audio
Tension and release
Recording with PC's
Now what with my song?
Copyrighting 101
Rewriting your songs

Recording Software
Notation software
MIDI accompaniment
Loop based
The songwriter's toolbox includes a rhyme dictionary, thesarus, word dictionary, guitar chord/scale finder and guitar tuner, a piano chord lookup as well as a Bible topic/verse etc. search all from one page. This is all on line and available to you all together only from writingsongs.com Click here to view the songwriter's toolbox.

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